Cute Liquid Bear Anime Keychain

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Make your keys completely kawaii with these fun liquid teddy bears!

The ultimate anime charm and a beautiful fidget keychain all in one! These liquid bear anime keychains will complete your favorite Japanese aesthetic and catch the eyes of all of your friends! Complete with a bell, a clasp, and a wrist strap, this charm will instantly be your cutest accessory! These lovely little teddy bear keychains come in four different colors, making them the perfect gifts for best friends or loved ones. These colorful keychains and their trendy jelly style will be the upgrade your keys needed!

  • Kawaii jelly design: These cute bear keychains are filled with liquid and colorful baubles that match their jelly style wrist straps keeping you oh so kawaii!
  • Four vibrant colors: Choose from four cheery colors of blue, purple, pink, and green, each with matching accessories and gold metal details!
  • Perfect for friends: No need to decide on just one of these anime keychains! Collect them all and gift them to friends or keep them all for yourself!
  • Strong materials: The plastic casing and zinc alloy metals on these absolutely adorable teddy bear keychains make them durable for normal keychain use!


  • Bear: 5.9 CM in height, 4.4 CM in length
  • Wrist strap: 10 CM in height, 2 CM in length
  • Weight of entire keychain: 51.6 G


  • Bear: Plastic
  • Metal: Zinc alloy


  • Key chain
  • Gold color
  • Wristband
  • Bell

This keychain puts the charm in charming!

Reminiscent of the Care Bears of your youth, these liquid bear anime keychains put a trendy Japanese kawaii spin on an adorable classic! The jelly look of the clear liquid and floating charms matches perfectly with the jelly wrist strap. The beautiful gold details make these key charms catch your eye and brighten your day! The choice between blue, purple, pink, and green can be difficult. But no matter what color you choose for your bear keychain, you’re sure to love it!

Your friends will want one of their own!

These four cute keychains make the perfect colorful matching keychains for best friends! Your friends will want one of their own when they see yours, so stay one step ahead with the ultimate gift! This plastic and zinc alloy teddy bear keychain is made to withstand life on the go. You’ll never want to leave without it!

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