Neko Moon Kawaii Purse

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This one-of-a-kind luna bag is a real crowd pleaser among anime fans!

It’s the perfect accessory for otakus and weebs alike – particularly fans of Sailor Moon or retro anime style. Show your love for anime in a subtle, classy way by adding this cute anime purse to your collection. Pair it with a cute casual outfit or wear it out for a night on the town! Whatever you choose to pair it with, it won’t disappoint.

Our kawaii purse fits any outfit and any occasion – whether you’re going to work or an anime convention. It comes in two different colors – white and black. For fans of the Sailor Moon anime, the design is reminiscent of Luna, a black cat with an upside-down crescent on her forehead, and her partner Artemis, a white cat with an upside-down crescent on his forehead. Not only that but the purse also has cat ears on the back to complete the neko (cat) feel. It’s also functional, featuring a main pocket, an interior zipper pocket, and 2 interior pockets.

  • Retro anime feel: The crescent moon purses will remind you of the good ol’ days of catching Sailor Moon on Toonami no matter where you go with it. The appearance is identical to that of Sailor Moon’s cat companions, Artemis and Luna, giving you that nice nostalgic feeling.
  • Three color options: With a choice of black or white, your new purse will match any fit!
  • Adjustable strap and flap closure: The adjustable strap on our Neko Moon Kawaii Purse ensures a perfect fit every time while the flap closure keeps your precious items secure!
  • Zippered compartments and pockets: These cute anime bags have one interior zipper pocket and 2 extra pockets. You’ll have enough room to carry your essentials, but you won’t be bogged down by a heavy bag.


  • (L x W x H): 24.70 x 9.00 x 19.00 cm / 9.72 x 3.54 x 7.48 inches


  • Outer: PU leather
  • Inner: PU leather


  • Zipper and hasp flap closure
  • Adjustable cross body strap
  • PU leather that does not deform easily
  • Interior pockets and a zipper pocket

This purse is perfect to transform any outfit into a cute anime-inspired one.

This cute cat purse is perfect for anime fans and Sailor Moon lovers who want to carry their stuff in the cutest way possible. Bring a little bit of Sailor Moon wherever you go by buying our cute kitty-eared purse with a crescent moon design. No matter what you pair these crossbody bags with, you’ll be reminded of Usagi’s beloved furry companions! Our kawaii purse is THE perfect accessory for any Moon Princess out there!

Even a sailor scout needs room for her things!

This purse has everything you need: a main pocket, an interior zipper pocket, and two additional interior pockets. In other words, you’ll never run out of space for your belongings. Plus, its adjustable strap ensures you always have the perfect fit!

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