Pleated Pink Kawaii Skirt with Bows (shorts included!)

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This skirt is a must-have if you’re into kawaii style clothing. 

Our kawaii skirt with bows will quickly become your favorite clothing item because you can pair it with anything. And we mean literally anything in your wardrobe. Pair it with leggings, a sweatshirt, a kawaii black, white or pink hoodie, flats, high heels, sandals, a jean jacket, etc. No matter what you decide to wear, you can’t go wrong with this piece! The pink bows make it oh-so-kawaii and the pleats make the item resemble the skirt that’s part of the typical Japanese school uniform. You’ll feel like a cute anime girl in a slice-of-life show. But just because it will make you look like an anime character does not mean you can only wear this for cosplay. It’s also a great clothing piece for casual days or work days!

  • Adorable kawaii style: This perfect kawaii skirt is beautifully designed. Each pleat is carefully created, giving the skirt a very clean and aesthetically-pleasing appearance. And the pink bows add a beautiful splash of color. This clothing item will complement your casual anime outfits!
  • Lovely colors: The white pleats and the hot pink bows are reminiscent of Valentine’s Day. This skirt would be perfect for dates or events where you want to impress a certain someone. Pair this with a top that has hearts on it, and it will look even more lovely.
  • Can be worn wherever, whenever: The best thing about our pleated skirts is that they go with just about anything! You can wear them with a t-shirt or blouse, or even with a dress shirt and tie. They are great for work, school, or just hanging out with friends.
  • Cozy materials: Made with a breathable and soft polyester cotton material, you’ll be comfortable all day long. Cute and comfy no matter the weather or season.


  • Refer to sizing chart for itemized dimensions


  • Polyester cotton


  • Breathable broadcloth fabric
  • Pink polyester bows
  • Beautiful white pleats

Be shamelessly kawaii with Lolita style!

The bows and the pleats make this skirt one of the cutest clothing pieces you could own. This skirt is the perfect addition to any Lolita style. If you are looking for your next cordi, you need this kawaii skirt right now! You can pair the piece with all of the Lolita staples like blouses, Lolita pumps, platform boots, corset tops, and more. And if you’re headed to a convention, this piece would go great with cat ear headbands.  You’ll be the cutest weeb in the room!

Jump on the hime-fashion wave!

In Japanese, hime means queen. Gyaru is the transliteration of the English word “gal.” Hime-Gyaru is a very popular, elegant style – it involves queen-like dresses and clothing. Hime-Kaji is a similar gyaru style that is like Hime-Gyaru but more casual in nature. This skirt would totally fit in with any Hime-Kaji look you are thinking of pulling off. It’s casual enough to be an everyday skirt, but it’s also formal enough to look like it’s part of the “hime gyaru” culture.  

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